how to add custome attribute to texfields or div in vaadin 6

In our application we integrate Dragon Speach Recognition. In API it called as SAS.
We designed UI by using TabSheet. Tabsheet basicaly makes one tab (in html div) visible and apply css property visibility:hidden to other tabs.
SAS basicaly inspects all Input fields like textfield when onLoad() event occurs of Page. and it makes it speach enabled.
SAS clearly States " Hidden or disabled controls, i.e. controls with the disabled attribute or the CSS properties visibility:hidden or display:none, are excluded from speech recognition by default. This can be overridden by setting the ‘data-nusa-enabled’ attribute on these controls to “true” .​

Now My Question is how can I add this custome attribute to vaadin components ?? We are using vaadin 6.8 … please help me.