How to add Border around HorizontalSplitPanel?

Hey Guys Hope you are fine.

Guys I want To Know that how to Add Border Arround HorizontalSplit Panel()?

The Steps I did to Achieve this are
I use Custom theme like this

@import “…/chameleon/styles.css”;

margin: 45px 0px 0px 0px;
border:2px solid;

and I Use these Custom classes in setStyleName and Apply to HorizontalSplitPanel(). But No success.
I Also made a vertical layout then add horizontal SP to it and apply style to Vertical layout then Borders Appears But only at left and top side. But I am Apllying at 4 sides.

my code looks like this

public void init() 
		Window rootWindow= new Window("Lims Application");
		VerticalLayout root=((VerticalLayout)rootWindow.getContent());
		//this is top bar  for information
		HorizontalLayout topBar=new HorizontalLayout();
		VerticalLayout a =new VerticalLayout();
		root.setExpandRatio(a, 1.0F);
		a.setStyleName("mainBodyMargin border");
		HorizontalSplitPanel bottom = new HorizontalSplitPanel();
               bottom.setSplitPosition(200, Sizeable.UNITS_PIXELS);
//bottom.setStyleName("mainBodyMargin border");
        // First, we need a layout to but all components in
        VerticalLayout sidebar = new VerticalLayout();

I Have No Success with these Steps

First take a look at the “Layout margins” section on
this page
of the book.

See also
this old forum post
. Such things should get easier with Vaadin 7.

Henri Thanks for directing me

But what i read from post and Book I Applied But no success.
I applied margins through padding … as in books and Post.
Let my height after applying border is 361px and after margin of 25px applying it becomes 340 , it should be 336 … i figured by firebug that from right and bottom my border is overlapped by approximate 3 to 4 pix by unseen Component…

But When i applied height to 99% it works…But look awkward from bottom due to more white area outside component. Can you help me how can i solve this with 100% Width?