How to add a layout (horzontally) next to another layout?

I’m having a problem, where I’m supposed to add a small, horizontal layout with a dropdown menu and a button on the right side of the last item on a Form.
It is not possible to add any more columns to the said Form, since it’s heavily customized and standardized Form for the project. Currently in the project I’m not allowed to modify the custom layouts etc.

Right now my new layout appears right under the last layout added to the view.

So, simply put, how to add a layout on the RIGHT side of another layout, NOT under it?

Any suggestions would be helpful and vastly appreciated.

Thank you.

Vesa, i would suggest you can try nesting the layout.
Eg :- Vertical Layout containing
a) Horizontal Layout
a.1) Vertical Layout (Contains components)
a.2) Vertical Layout (Contains components)
b) any other layout

Hope this answers your question and helps.

Girish Jamba, thank you!

Your solution worked :slight_smile:
Now all I need is to get the components from the top-left corner to bottom-left corner.
Any suggestions on that? :stuck_out_tongue:

But thanks so much already.

for that u can use a verticallayout.

Yes, actually I solved that now.
With this:

layout.setComponentAlignment(anotherLayout, Alignment.BOTTOM_LEFT);