How to add a ItemSorter to a table container in Vaadin?

I’m new to Vaadin…I have a Container class which is extends from BeanItemContainer. I want to add a ItemSorter to DATE_CREATED attribute to sort the values in descending order.

Container class.

public class NoteContainer extends BeanItemContainer<CaseNote> implements Serializable
    private static final long serialVersionUID = -5926608449530066014L;

    public static final String DATE_CREATED = "dateCreated";
    public static final String CREATED_BY = "createdBy";
    public static final String TEXT = "text";
    public static final String ACTION = "Action";

    public static final Object[] NATURAL_COL_ORDER = new Object[]


    public static final String[] COL_HEADERS_ENGLISH = new String[]
        "ACTION", "Date Created/Updated", "Created/Updated By", "Note"

     * Default Constructor.
    public NoteContainer()

CaseNote is an Entity class, and inside that DATE_CREATED is in java.util.Date format.

Please provide a proper solution…

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Thanx in advance.