How to access mobile camera(android) using vaadin 6

I have been struggling to find a solution for the problem and a very new user for vaadin.
I have created a web application using vaadin, and the task is, when the user uses this web applicatoin on his mobile he should be able to access mobile camera(android) with a button click in the application.
We must use only vaadin 6, as the migration is not taken place yet.
Kindly help me in this. Tried few steps alread.

  1. trying to run a javascript to access mobile camera - FAIL.
    2.Phonegap add on - FAIL (supported only by vaadin 7).
  2. Have a tag in HTML5 to access the mobile camera, but don’t know how to make it work in vaadin.
  3. Java has an option to access camera, but tried with out success.
  4. Is it possible to use Android class to run in vaadin.

Though the option used are not meaningful, but just to let you know that i have tryied and beating aroud the bush for the solution.

Kindly help.

The only way I know of to acces the camera is with PhoneGap; and I can assure you that it works, since I just finished a project with Vaadin 6 and a Nexus tablet.

There is a way to access camera for uploading videos, photos, audio. Using upload component it is possible. I tried it and it works fine.

    Upload upload = new Upload("Capture the image", null);
    Upload upload2 = new Upload("Capture video",null);
    Upload upload3 = new Upload ("Capture Audio", null);