How take fileName from Upload component before submitUpload() action ?

Hi there,
I try make implementation for comparing the files before they are uploaded.
If file with this name exist in system, ask about create new version or just override it.
Here is the problem, how to get file name before submitUpload()?
I can’t use receiveUpload(), because after this method file is remove from upload component ?

rlly no one ?

Well, 7 hours is a bit short time to wait for an answer, especially seeing that it was already past office hours in Finland when you posted. Anyway, the answer is that there’s no direct support for what you’re asking in Vaadin 7.1 and earlier, but incidentally Vaadin 7.2 will include this feature; it’s already implemented in the 7.2 branch. Even in 7.0 and 7.1, however, you could do it yourself quite easily by writing a simple JavaScriptExtension that listens to the upload element’s change events.