how I can use the tree to select a tab within tabsheet


I write in my main application

public class myApplication  extends Application implementsClickListener, ValueChangeListener,  ItemClickListener {
           public void itemClick (ItemClickEvent event) {
              if (event.getSource () == treeAdmin) {
              Event.getItem Item item = ();
                Property name = item.getItemProperty (DataTree.dp_PROPERTY_NAME)
            String value = (String) name.getValue ();
            if (valor.equals ("upDate()")) {
                    Tabsh.setSelectedTab (???)
             update ();

Ask a component and I have a string, and I can select the tab using
the reference of your caption

how I can do??

It’s described in javadocs for com.vaadin.ui.TabSheet.setSelectedTab(Component).

You have to be able to obtain Component which you inserted into tabsheet based on the data you have in your example code (e.g. caption). In order to do this, you may, for example, put those components in HashMap<String, Component> when creating tabs, using captions as map key (they must be unique!).