How i can use HTML page in application

I want to use the HTML page having some JQuery function (Animation Type) in my application.
Am not finding any way to do this . Plese help me to solve this problem.

There are many possibilities and its hard to say which one suits best for you without knowing exactly what you want to achieve. You can place html to your Vaadin application with e.g. Label component (just set contentMode to HTML), include JS files with @JavaScript annotation or with BootstrapListener and execute smaller JS snippets with JavaScript.execute() method).


Thanks for reply Mr. Matti

Actually i want to use image animation on my web page. Am using Animator Add-on for this , but it is not working .It is throwing ClassNotFound Css() exception(something like that) and i also added DOM Add-on , but not working . So i thought to use a HTML page having jquery function for image animation.Do you have any idea to do this.Please help me to solve this problem.


Before you start integrating jQuery in you application you should first check if css animation might be enough for you as they are way easier to implement.
Valo has a few of them already built-in (namely fading and sliding)

but you can also just use normal css animation and even create your own using keyframes. It also should be fairly easy to implement something like animate.css
with just an @import in your style.scss.
If you need to do something as soon as the animation finished: I made a small Javascript Extension for that. Code can be found here:!/thread/10177297

When css isn’t enough and you need to use Javascript/jQuery i would recommend creating your own Javascript Extension. Tutorial:
Creating a Javascript Extension - Vaadin Wiki

Thanks a lot for help Mr Marius
My problrm is solve a bit. Animation is working well for single image. But main problem is how i can do the same for multiple images in a single panel. How i can solve this issue.Please help me.