How do I get the full page URL for Dynamic Table Filtering in Liferay


I am attempting to create a Table in Vaadin that will be pulling filtered data from a database and display that data in a portlet. I have the table pulling and displaying the data however I can not figure out how to dynamically filter it. Basically I have several companies that will be accessing my site, I have created different sub-sites that each company is locked into, and I need to create a different view of this data for each company without having to recreate the portlet 30 different times with the only difference being a ‘where’ clause. My idea is to pull the URL down and filter the table based on the scope the companies user is logged into but I can’t figure out how to pull down the URL into my Vaadin code.

Any help or Alternatives would be greatly appreciated! i’m on a time crunch for this project and i’m pretty stuck!