How do I disable the overflow mask image in input fields?

Vaadin has a 1.25em wide overflow mask image at the end of every text field.
It means that even if a value is completely inside the visible area, it can still get a faded out right edge
Even worse, in Firefox, when I write a long value and tab out, Firefox displays the field as I left it. Ie it shows the rightmost part of the text and clips the leftmost part. Vaadin still indicates that it is the right part that overflows.
I want to get rid of this overflow mask image.

AI suggested this, but it doesn’t work:

--vaadin-text-field-overflow-mask-image: none;

curious hallucination by the AI :grin:

the real solution is

vaadin-text-field input {
  mask-image: none;

Or if you want to do it across the board for all text-input fields, omit the `vaadin-text-field` part.

@useful-whale, worked like a charm. Thanks :+1: