How do I create an empty theme? (Slow startup when I try and remove velo mi

We’re building an app which is based on a load of CSSLayouts. The HTML has come from our designers and we’re trying to be faithful to it as far as possible.

What we have been finding is that Vaadin’s themes are getting in the way and breaking our styles.

We therefore removed the valo theme pieces from the style sheets:

// DISABLED @import “…/valo/valo”;
// DISABLED @mixin mytheme { @include valo; }

This makes the interface look right, but now the application takes a really long time to start up.
Is there a way of including a ‘null’ theme so our CSSLayouts work, or improving the startup without a base theme?

if you will add a ?debug to your url application you will notice an error such as :

Assuming CSS loading is not complete, postponing render phase. (.v-loading-indicator height == 0) Could not determine ApplicationConnection for Overlay. Overlay will be attached directly to the root panel CSS files may have not loaded properly So it indicates that it waits for getOffsetHeight not being 0 (that takes time and only after error thrown it continues), therefore you have to set it to some value.
For example, this worked in my case :
height: 100px;

Hopefully it helps : )