How do I change the directory that the widgetset and theme are compiled?

Hi, everyone.

I’m developing a portlet on liferay, using tomcat server and Eclipse . But there is something that is not making the development a nice task.
When I open the portlet on liferay, It says that he need some files from “root/html/VAADIN/widgetset”. The problem is that when I compile the widgetset or the theme from my project, It compiles on “…\liferay-portal-6.1.2\tomcat\webapps\AmbienteRelatorioTeste\VAADIN\widgetset (or \theme, if It’s the theme compiled)”, then I need to move the folder of the widgetset or theme to the “root/html/VAADIN/widgetset (or /theme)” folder, so I can see the changes that I made on my theme or update some add-ons from the widgetset.

There is a way that I can change where the files are compiled? Like compile directly on “root/html/VAADIN/widgetset (or /theme)” folder? Or change where liferay search for these files and put the path that these files are compiled?

I really need to know if there is a way, because I need to see easily the changes from the theme I’m creating.