How do I add info to a knowledge base issue?

Hi Vaadin team,

Long after I probably should have, I recently obtained a Vaadin Pro account and was looking for some info in the knowledge base. I see an entry that could use more information. To whom should I send that information?

(Background: entry #80 has an answer for Tomcat and JBoss, and I’d like to add the corresponding GlassFish information.)


Hi Bobby,

This question is well answered in
article #356
. …or at least it is now. -_-

So, there isn’t currently a possibility to give feedback about the articles. Possibility to make comments to the articles has been planned but I don’t know when it will be implemented.

Probably the easiest way at this time is to email me (magi ät vaadin dot com), as I’ve written most of the KB articles. The alternative would be filing a ticket in Vaadin Trac. A ticket may be a bit much effort for a small fix in a KB article, but on the other hand it is not as easy to forget as an email (collecting forgotten emails is almost a hobby to me).

(Sorry for the delay.)

I don’t mind filing a ticket for it – that will give me an excuse to try out Vaadin Trac. Besides, you’re paid by the bug fix, right? Heh heh.