how do all tabs of the tabsheet have the same size ??

It’s my first application with vaadin: I have a tabsheet with 3 tabs: I want the tabs have the same size even if one of them is empty like
in the sampler
. My tabs take the size of the elements included in them8o
Thanks for the help

Does anyone have a response, please??

You could give the tabsheet a size with setWidth/setHeight/setSizeFull ?

Yes, thank you
I did this and it works :slight_smile:


Could you confirm that setSizeFull() should work in this case?

I only could manage equal size tabs by specifying fixed (e.g “500px”) width and height.
Relative values (“100%”) did not work here.
These fixed values have an obvious drawback: they are depending on client screenSize.




I Hope this will help…

if tabsheet is under the vertical or horizontal layout and there is nothing left to add to component container,
add tabsheet to container and
set its expandRatio to 1.0f.
Then the tabsheet occupies all the space that
is left in the container.

Then all tabsheets tabs size can be 100% and they are all in same size.