how customize urls and switching between pages ( windows ) ?

hi every one … i can’t understand vaadin navigator i came just fresh from jsf world when i can add my navigations rules into faces-config file … so any help please ?
i realy loved vaadin … thanks every one …
and i’m sorry if my language very poor …


There is a very good example in the sampler:
I don’t think i can explain it more easily…
Also take a look at if you didn’t already.

thanks very very much … very helpfull … also i found these …

yes i am already visited those pages and read all the book of vaadin put … my real problem is looking for better solution …
" like a nice, clean object orientated program code " .
" I’ve just wondered how can I use multiple View classes? I mean, without nested classes . "
after read question below . every thing clear .
< >
again … i’m sorry if my language very poor .
hope i explain my issue.
thanks “Felix Kalka” … v much !