How can use parameters when vaadin view is opened?

Hi everyone!

I’m work with vaadin in the last months, its excellent framework! and very simple! and I began make more complex applications and I have a problem with views; my view class ABCSalidasView it a ABC simple, i want add, modify and delete values from this view. the add process objects its successful, but the update…? how pass a instance of the Salida.class to the view? I read others forums, constructors methods, global variables in the context, and others solutions. But its possible in the constructor pass to the ABCSalidasView a dinamic Object?

I need pass a object in the update action for fill the textfields with the atributes. any council?


You could use the navigator, pass the item id as parameter and recover this information in View.enter(ViewChangeEvent),

You can find more details at:

Hey! thanks! I read it.