How can I use Google AdSense or other ad networks with Vaadin?

We have spent a substaintial amount of time developing a consumer web-based service which makes extensive use of Vaadin 7. We initially had no intention of providing on-page ads but have had to shift towards ads after low acceptance by customers of the original pay model.

We now need to add ads to the whole site including the Vaadin pages.

Searches of the Vaadin forums turn up mostly “it can’t be done”. Is that still the case today?

Does anybody have any suggestions for alternatives to AdSense which work with Vaadin 7?

We know we can embed the Vaadin piece an an iframe, but our previous experience with this tells us this path provides a very poor UX.


Did you find a solution for your problem? We’re also currently searching for options of embedding ads into our Vaadin application.



Well, looks like two years down the line, still no solution. Hmmm. Anyone?