How can i specify url for web page?

Hello, im doing my own social network right now and i decided to write web chat using vaadin. But i cant specify url. I tried using @Route(“chat”), but i get 404 when going to /chat url

Did you try the correct port? Is your route in the correct package to be scanned by e.g spring boot?

how can i check it?

Check that the package name is below the package of your

Sorry, but i dont understand what do you mean. I just 2 vaadin classes into my Spring Boot app. But as far as i understood SpringBoot cant resolve them. Perhaps u know, where can i setup some config to attack vaadin endpoint with Spring Boot config?

How did you create you application? How is your package structure?

Initially i created it with Spring Initializr. And at some point i added needed dependencies for vaadin. Here is package structure:

Kinda expected that :sweat_smile: the initial creation of Vaadin projects is sometimes a little bit hard. Most of the time the easiest is get the most basic example from and move your stuff created from spring to it

You can just press download and get one project with a view

Oh. So without moving the like “engine” from SpringBoot to Vaddin it wont work?

You can also check the classes and pom generated from against yours. Often it’s just a missing annotation or maven plugin / config

You can also find a minimal spring boot example here

thanks for help! Ill write if so