How can i print FilterTable

User need to get Button on the page which trigers the print dialog for the Filter Table shown on the page.

How could i solve it ?

Printing any Vaadin component is really difficult, due to the AJAX nature of the app. In most cases, it is much easier to simply extract the data from the table, create a HTML or PDF file, and print that instead.

What exactly do you want to print; the table or the data inside? If it’s the data, remember that at any time, only a fraction is actually present in the browser.

I want print data inside of the table. So the case is i need to create PDF file of this table and than send this pdf file to print dialog right?

Is there any nice way to create PFG file or HTML representation of the Filter Table container? Becouse really dont want to programm everything from scratch =p

Not in the core, but you could use e.g.!addon/exporter

I understand correct that this addon does not support generated columns and filtering done in the table. It just exports whole table does not matter if user filtered something out of the data or not.

There is ExcelExport addon we using for excel export of the table which does all this stuff with fitered items etc. however it does not do pdfs :=)

Generated columns are not part of the container, so they might be difficult to include. Filtering is done on the container level, so the addon should work with that (haven’t tried it myself, though).

Any time I’ve had to do reports the customer always needed something extra, so we’ve always done custom HTML anyway…