HorizontalSplitPanel setLocked(true) on Vaadin 7.3.0 BUG MY LAYOUT


I was using Vaadin Portlet (version 7.2.6) in Liferay 6.1 GA2 on Java 1.6,
today when i upgrade to Vaadin 7.3.0 this happens:
my app have a body with HorizontalSplitPanel component and when i set setLocked(true) on him is fine at Vaadin 7.2.6,
but on Vaadin 7.3.0 THE COMPONENT BUG MY LAYOUT, he start to push everything to right as if he had a for(loop) on him to push all components to right…

PS.1: I’m Brazilian, sorry my english.
PS.2: i’m new in Vaadin.

Best regards to all for the patience to read this …

Sounds like a layouting problem. Have you tried adding the
?debug paramter
and trying to check the layout for potential problems? See attachment for example of the debug window.

Thanks man…