HorizontalSplitPanel class not found

I am a total newbie about to discover the wonders of Vaadin, so I start with the introductory tutorial.

But I don’t get far: My NetBeans 7.1 IDE complains about missing the HorizontalSplitPanel class (screenshot attached).


From your screenshot can be seen that you use Vaadin version 6.2.3. That version is very old and it doesn’t contain HorizontalSplitPanel yet. That version contains SplitPanel that was later split to two classes: HorizontalSplitPanel and VerticalSplitPanel. I recommend you to upgrade to the most recent Vaadin version that’s 6.8.3.

Hi Henri!

Thanks, you were absolutely right. Upgrading to 6.8.3 did the trick.

I would consider it a good idea to upgrade the NetBeans plugin then, to prevent future users having a similar tedious experience as I did.

That’s not a rant, but a well meant tip!