Horizontal split panel problem

Hi everyone,
I am using Horizontal spilt panel for spliting two panels. i set position of first panel Let’s assume (15). I want to do somework on split panel change listener .

<HorizontalSplitPanel splitpanel = new HorizontalSplitPanel();
splitpanel.addSplitPositionChangeListener(new SplitPositionChangeListener() {
public void onSplitPositionChanged(SplitPositionChangeEvent event) {
if(event.getSplitPosition() < 5){
System.out.println(“position of panel ::” + event.getSplitPosition());

At the initial stage getSplitPosition() gives output is 0.1…But i want split position 15…

It would be a great help if you could get back on this issue .

Hi Taranpreet, this channel is only for issues related to Events and such. I suggest you posted this to 02. Miscellaneous or 03. Framework section, you will get more support there.