Horizontal Scroll Bar in main Window

Hi guys,

I am setting the width of the main Window equal to browser width.
And i have a button layout at the right side of the screen.

Now when my page height increase a vertical scrollbar comes there which hides the button layout.
Due to this I got horizotal scroll bar.

How should i remove this horizontal scroll bar,

One thing that i have observed in HTML is as follows as:

When we set the Width equal to 100 %.the main layout left some margin on left as well as right to fit the scroll bar
Is this kind of functionality is possible in vaadin.

I have tried to set the width of mainWindow to 100 % which removes the Horizontal scrollbar but my button layout will hide.

is there any way to fit the layout in 100 %.

Tarun Sawlani.

Hi Tarun!

My opinion, setting the window manually (with pixels) wouldn’t be good or won’t work correct (scrollbars appears and hide your contents)…
If i were you, i would do the followings:

  • the main layout would be a VerticalLayout with setSizeFull()
  • i would use a HorizontalLayout
  • first add the main (left) content and use the setWidth(“100%”)
  • then second add your button layout (which contains the button(s)), and that layout would set with fix width or undefined
  • and then use the setExpandRation(1, firstContent) on your horizontal layout (which contains the main content and the button layout)

Maybe you can set your window to setSizeFull() too.

I would start with these settings, there’s a chance you should modify my scratch, but i hope i could help.

Best regards
Károly Kótay-Szabó