Horizontal layout width on 6.7.0

Hello all,

It’s me again… 6.7.0 is becoming really dificult to deal with… Now I have a problem with the width of a Horizontal layout that is used as main layout of a form. If I put this form inside another layout the horizontal layout has 950px instead of the real 1000px (or 809px instead of 859px) that it should have… If I put this form inside a SplitPanel the horizontal layout get 0px!! I’m using setSizeFull on both cases on the horizontal layout…

This code worked on 6.6.8.
I don’t know what changed on that area…

Heres the generated html;

for this code (inside the constructor of an extended Form:

HorizontalLayout topLayout = new HorizontalLayout();
buttonArea = new ButtonArea();
topLayout.setExpandRatio(mainLayout, 1);

The same code for a form inside a splitpanel generates this html:

Any ideas about what changed in 6.7.0 on this area? Or this is a bug?

I have just tried to put a fixed width (like 859px) and the form show correctly… Maybe it is a problem with the width = 100% ?

I really seems it is something with the horizontalLayout because Im getting more of this errors troughout the application

Bruno Santos


Have you checked that your theme and widget set are correct version (6.7.0)? Add ?debug to your application URL and the debug window should show warnings if there is version conficts.


Hi Henri,

All my versions (theme, widgetset, jar) are all matching each other. I have just tried a GridLayout as the form’s layout and the problem still happens (less 50px as expected). It seems the width=100% inside forms is not working properly.

Bruno Santos

If you can replicate that with a small test application, please create a

just created.

Bruno Santos