Holon-Platform V14 to V24 migration

I’m using Holon-Platform for some time. Currently it is in V14 and I’d like to get it moved to V24. There is no much user base so I think this community is the only place where I can ask/get some help.

It looks like there component.getDataProvider() is no longer available in V24… What is the equivalent in V24?

What is the alternative for this one as well ?

Looks this is the alternative getGenericDataView


https://vaadin.com/docs/latest/upgrading. This link has some answers. I’m going thru the link now and post here the answers and further questions if any

Looks this method got converted into a private method in V24. I see the same is a public method in V14. How to fix this ?


But looks it is not so easy to just replace with setItems. Let me try


what is the equivalency for V24 ?

Get a project from start.vaadin.com and adopt your pom accordingly. Don’t EVER manage those versions yourself.

The existing code is like this final DatastoreDataProvider<ITEM, ?> datastoreDataProvider = DatastoreDataProvider.create(datastore, target, DatastoreDataProvider.asPropertySet(properties), itemConverter, f -> null); getComponent().setDataProvider(datastoreDataProvider);

I’m not sure what is the equivalency in setItems

I see the closest one is this


but here the second parameter is Void

but the existing code second parameter is not VOID

not sure how to rewrite this using setItems

Here is the list provided by Vaadin but there is no information on the equivalency

I’m guessing it’s this issue: [Grid] `setItems` should accept filterable data providers · Issue #3842 · vaadin/flow-components · GitHub