Hilla Starter React

Hi, is there the possibility to create a Hilla app with the vaadin starter (https://start.vaadin.com/app) with React instead of Lit? I can see the possibility to create a view ‘Hello world using Hilla’ and ‘Master-Detail using Hilla’ but both view are using Lit. Would be great if the starter app had the possibility to select the technology (Flow or Hilla) and view technology instead of Hilla (Lit or React). Any one aware there a plans at Vaadin to support this in the near future?

This is currently not possible but a great idea and you should go ahead and create an issue

Right now, the only supported way to create Hilla+React apps is with the CLI. There are also direct ZIP download links on the docs pages if you can’t use the CLI Getting Started with Hilla and React

FYI I created an issue for this feature https://github.com/vaadin/starters/issues/106