Hilla Lit/Reactjs support

  1. Is hilla’s Lit components using the same codebase as vaadin web components?
  2. Are hillas Reactjs components based on hilla’s Lit components?
  3. As support and reactjs ecosystem increase in hilla, can lit components and framework support lag behind?


  1. There are no Hilla Lit components as such. There are only Vaadin web components, which are typically used directly in Hilla Lit projects. Vaadin web components are implemented with Polymer. There are plans to migrate them to Lit, some components already have experimental Lit versions.
  2. Hilla React components are React wrappers around the Vaadin web components.
  3. Can not comment on plans for Hilla with Lit. As for Vaadin components, they will continue to evolve, and any enhancements / fixes will automatically be available for Hilla Lit users as they use these components directly.

this is good information. thank you so much