Hilla Contribution 101

Hi everyone. I would like to try to fix one or another open bug (meaning existing GitHub issues) in Hilla. At the moment, I’m not quite sure what the development workflow for this really looks like. I’ve created a fork of Hilla’s GitHub repo. I cloned this fork, ran “npm install” and “npm run build” and created a new local branch to work on. Next, I made a few small code changes to the “react-crud” package for testing purposes. Now I would like to try out these changes. Therefore, I created a new Hilla project running “npx @hilla/cli init bug-example”. In this new project, I ran the script “link-npm.sh” (hilla/scripts/link-npm.sh at main · vaadin/hilla · GitHub) to use all Hilla packages from the local fork/branch. Unfortunately, I cannot start the Hilla project “bug-example” afterwards any more.
What is wrong with this procedure or what is missing?

Hey, thanks for your interest. Can confirm the link-npm script doesn’t work properly, there’s a bunch of issues that would need to be resolved there.

If you are interested in contributing to react-crud the easiest way for testing changes to that module is using the react-grid-test integration test project in the Hilla codebase.

To set up live reload for that project, download the attached vite.config.ts and save it in packages/java/tests/spring/react-grid-test.

Then start the project:

npm install
npm run build
cd packages/java/tests/spring/react-grid-test

That should start the project and at some point you should see the UI in the browser. You can open the /readonly-grid route to see an example view with an auto grid. Then you can start making changes within react-crud/src, and should see changes in the browser immediately.
vite.config.ts (1.67 KB)

As for general contribution guidelines please check: https://vaadin.com/docs/latest/contributing/pr

Hi @cheerful-baboon. Thank you for response. I tried to follow your suggestions. Unfortunately, I cannot start the test-project. When I try to start the project using Maven (spring-boot:run), I see the console output you can find in the attached file. Do you have any idea what could cause the Hilla engine from starting?
console-output.txt (23.8 KB)

I also tried it using Hilla 2.3.3:

git clone https://github.com/vaadin/hilla.git
cd hilla
git checkout -b hilla-2.3.3 tags/2.3.3  
cp ~/Downloads/vite.config.ts packages/java/tests/spring/react-grid-test
npm install
npm run build
cd packages/java/tests/spring/react-grid-test

but the result/error remains the same.

The nested exception says No valid executable found, and the error seems to be around the MavenRunner class. So I would guess it can not find mvn on the path. Which is weird because you just ran it to start the process.

Hi @cheerful-baboon. Thanks for the hint regarding MavenRunner. I double-checked my path and found a misconfiguration, that was left from another test. I’m now able to start the project :tada:

Great! Feel free to post here if you run into other issues. The setup isn’t bullet-proof but mostly good enough for us to get things done. Sometimes it needs a little nudging here and there.