Hilla 2.0.5 problems

I tried to update to Hilla 2.0.5 and get random errors on startup like

: Unable to delete file: C:\Users\simon\Workspace\simasch\fullstack-is-dead\hilla\node_modules\yocto-queue\package.json

And after cleaning up everything I now get

java.nio.file.InvalidPathException: Illegal char <:> at index 4: file:///C:/Users/simon/Workspace/simasch/fullstack-is-dead/hilla/target/classes/

This last error I also have from time to time, Flow 23
Thought it is because of eclipse but seems not - I let maven update the project once more and that error is gone

Thanks @happy-jackal The problem in my case has something to do with IntelliJ

Running it with Maven outside of the IDE works

I lost all my toggle icons from the @vaadin/details components after upgrade from Hilla 1 to 2.0.5. Anyone else had a similar issue?

@playful-donkey - try deleting your target and node_modules folders and doing a build from scratch.

I don’t remember there being any changes to the details component

Had to change


In 2.1.0 and 2.1.1 vite keeps restarting forever after a modification (re-compile) initiates the first restart. In the logs I noticed the following:

[vite] target/vaadin-dev-server-settings.json changed, restarting server...
[vite] vite.generated.ts changed, restarting server...

This happens in dev mode with IntelliJ IDEA. To get back on track I can stop vite, remove the vaadin-dev-server-settings.json file and then start vite.