Highly stylized HTML website with Vaadin?

We are looking to develop a highly HTML stylized website that will have a mix of static and dynamic data driven content. The data driven content portion will be Vaadin or some other framework. We want to provide a very seamless site where the user doesn’t really notice when the shift from static content to dynamic. One way we could do this is by using some JavaScript kit/framework on the frontend along with HTML templates and no Vaadin at all. This is the most straight-forward approach in terms of having a web designer stylize the site. However, we already have a good understanding and some experience with Vaadin.

What are some of our options to do this with Vaadin? One obvious, but not deserable choice is to embed Vaadin inside an HTML frame, but that’s not very seamless and has some serious usability downsides.

Are there other options besides Vaadin that provide a Java based programming model with HTML templating?

An example of the type of site we want to do is http://www.kickstarter.com

Any suggestions/guidance would be greatly appreciated.

  • mike

We’ve done some experiments with CustomLayout and found that it allows custom HTML at a layout level, but not the whole page. We want to have a common CSS for both static (non-Vaadin) and dynamic (Vaadin) content along with the same basic page layout for both. That is, the top section of both static and dynamic (Vaadin) pages should have the same content and styling. The same for each static and dynamic page footer.

Any suggestions or guidance would be really, really appreciated!


Problem solved with “Application Embedding” as described in the Vaadin Book at https://vaadin.com/book/-/page/application.embedding.html