Hide Field label

Hej alla,

I just need to remove, make hidden, or assign zero size to the label of say a TextField.

I can make it empty though it is not enough.

You probably mean caption. Usually you hide a caption by not giving a caption, but if you have some limitation about that, I suppose you can hide it in theme with something like:

.v-caption-myfield {display: none} …and then for the component…


There at the screenshot is my problem… Some blank space.

I am using ElementCollectionTable and need to prevent it from wasting space.

What is the best practice with this?


Also, I found a bug, it sets height in ensureInited, so one could’t ovveride it.

So the issue is resolved?

I think fields do not have a caption inside Table; table doesn’t manage the captions, so there’s nothing to hide.

I have no knowledge of the ElementCollectionTable you are using.

Well, they does… It is not yet solved, unfortunately. As you can see there is plenty of unused space.

However, thanks for the trick I will try it. Maybe it can solve the issue at least partually.

Solved… I did some learning about expand ration and spacing.

Thanks anyway!