Hide columns in a container

Hello community,
I like to set an indexedcontainer as a datasource in a combobox.
a custom object with different properties is part of the container

cmb2Container = new IndexedContainer(liste_SpezGrund); cbspezBetreff.setContainerDataSource(cmb2Container); At the moment, i see all properties as one item at the combobox.
But i like to see only one item.

Maybe anyone can help me.

is one option to go for.

You may want to set the columsn collapsible, like this:

table.setColumnCollapsed(columnId, true);
// you can set individual columns non-collapsible
table.setColumnCollapsible(otherColumnId, false);

hi App Keto,
no. I have a list of many objects (Type: custom, many properties). From these list I built an indexcontainer and this container is the datasource from a combobox.

Now the combobox concatenate all properties to one String.
But I like to display one property instead of all properties.

Use com.vaadin.ui.AbstractSelect.setItemCaptionPropertyId(Object)