Helper text for checkboxes

Hello, is there a way to integrate helper texts for single checkboxes (not for checkbox groups)?

Checkbox does not support helper - you can wrap the checkbox inside a custom field instead

or you can include the helper text in the label of the checkbox by wrapping it in a layout together with the actual label and applying that with the setLabelComponent method

is it then still possible to use the checkbox directly within a binder?

yes – if we’re talking about individual checkboxes, you’re not binding against the label but against the boolean value

Okay I did that… Is it now possible, to apply the same styles like e.g. the helper texts from number fields? without copying the style definitions

not really – the helper css is specific to each component

luckily it’s just 3 lines of css:

color: var(--lumo-secondary-text-color);
font-size: var(--lumo-font-size-xs);
line-height: var(--lumo-line-height-xs);```

nice, thank you for your help :slightly_smiling_face: