Help: TextArea in CustomLayout does not use available space

I have a Window of some specific size. I set as its content (setContent()) a VerticalLayout that has two components that should adjust to changes in the Window size (both have setSizeFull() set and after adding, their expandRatio is set to 0.5f) and one component (a button) that should always be at the bottom. The first adjustable component is a Grid and the second is a CustomLayout.

The CustomLayout is giving me a headache :frowning: The HTML template for it is very simple (stolen directly from Vaadin doc on CustomLayout):


Part Category Name:
Matching Names
[/code]I added that "border" attribute on the table only so I could see how the HTML is laid out. And it seems fine - all vertical space is given to the matchingNamesField - which is a TextArea component whose size I've also set to setSizeFull(). [b] But it just refuses to take up all available space?! [/b]

I have no idea what is going on! The method setExpandRatio() is not available on a CustomLayout, so Iā€™m at a loss for what to do. Help.

Oh, the above HTML uses some CSS, but I think thatā€™s pretty harmless. Just including it below for completeness:

.loginview .labels {text-align:right;} .loginview .fields {padding:5px 0px 2px 3px;} Thanks a bunch for any guidance.

Forgot to add a screen shot that shows where the TextArea ends: