Help needed with Links

I have a window that has 2 panel, one that holds an accordion on the left side and another one that displays a form.

I want to add some links to the tabs in the accordion and on clicking them would want to refresh the content of the panel that holds the form - to display content related to the link - in my case this is displaying another form in the rhs panel.

I could not find an example in the books - can someone point me to some resource /e.g for the same ?


Hi, Juby,

For the link, you can use Button component with the style Button.LINK and in the action handler of the button update contents of your center panel.

You can create a set of so called views - panels or layouts with the UI and then switch them in your center pane as you click various links in the left panel. You can also employ the URIFragmentUtility class to enable the url of your application to adapt the currently visible view and allow your users to bookmark it and navigate directly later.

There is also a TPTMultiView components in my contrib/tpt package a view manager components that help to register and manage views, so you may to try it or just use as a reference. Unfortunately, still have no time to complete user documentation on it, so only a javadocs are available at the moment.