Help needed with creating/compiling a custom widget

Hello everyone,

I am new to the framework and I need help with creating/compiling a custom Vaadin widget.

Right now I have the widget in question in a form of a fully functioning standalone GWT application.
My questions are:

  1. What is the best way to refactor/rename the java packages in my GWT application before trying to convert it to a widget? Let’s assume the current top package name is com.abcd, and there are a few sub-packages in the application. The top package name for the final Vaadin project is also com.abcd. The GWT application has a standard project structure with a client and public directories, and is in a separate project

  2. How would I go about configuring Intellij IDEA to compile a widget? I have my main Vaadin project working with IDEA. I would like to avoid using Eclipse, because I can’t stand it.

  3. (related to #2) Is there any place where I can download a stub widget project and an example build script?

Many thanks in advance

You want to convert a whole application to a single Vaadin widget? Okay then.

Check out
Book of Vaadin, 10.4: Integrating a GWT Widget
for instructions on what you need to add to make it a Vaadin widget. Before the eclipse plugin was available, we all compiled our widgetsets by running an ant script. An example of that is in the same page in the book of Vaadin, in the subsection Compiling a Custom Widget Set under 10.8.4 Compiling GWT Widget Sets.

Thanks - I figured everything out after experimenting with ant.
The new widget works, albeit with some problems… which shall be a topic of a separate post.

For those who might want to accomplish what I did:
*I placed my widgetset classes under com.appName.ui.widgetset
*The *.gwt.xml was placed in the widgetset folder itself
*entrypoint was removed from *.gwt.xml
*I used the Idea ant script I found on this forum after some googling.