Help me, pls. Whitelabel error page

I was having routes error, apparently caused by RouteAlias. I changed the name of one of the two and the error changed, but now I don’t know what it is. If anyone can give a little help, I would love to. :heart:
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Help me, pls. Whitelabel page error

Help me, pls. Whitelabel error page

What’s theme-live-reload-plugin\theme-live-reload-plugin?

I don’t know, honestly, I just downloaded a base project from and put the dependencies to download.

I received a route error, which was fixed when I changed the RouteAlias ​​of the StartPage (about Page empty, the one with a flower when you download the empty project) and I received this error right away. I don’t know what’s causing it, do you think that trying to delete this folder might change something?

Doing the Vaadin dance could fix it probably

I will try that, thanks

Hey, knoobie. I tried, it didn’t work very well, could you make a tutorial (with printscreens anyway) teaching??? Sorry for the inconvenience

If Vaadin Dance doesn’t work out of the box, you can do it manually like described here - keep in mind that sometimes stuff is inside your target folder as well (and should be deleted for a clean state) and show us the error afterwards.

uuh ok thanks buddy you’re a friend