Help me decide FOR VAADIN!!!

Guys, hello.

I’m thinking of starting the development of a commercial application using vaadin, but I’m afraid especialy about editable grids.

I wonder if you can make an editable grid, per line, with different components per column.

My system will use the very concept of editing for the grid.

Another question is about lazy-load, there is a way to make a lazy-load grid without having to find the total amount of records?

Apologies for my ignorance about Vaadin, but I’m wanting to remove the doubts and then start the study and testing with vaadin.

Thanks a lot, and a great day for all.


Brasil/SC - Timbó

yes, you can.

I assume you are looking for this:

I think this feature is missing in the vaadin demo

I don’t think this is possible…

How large should the scrollbar on the side be, when you don’t know
the total number of rows ?

You don’t need to retrieve all primary keys for all items,

a simple

select count(*) as nRows from mytable

is enought to get started with lazy loading.

Many of the lazy loading containers in the add-on Directory are a good place to start looking what is possible currently (JPAContainer, Lazy Query Container, JPA Criteria Lazy Container, etc.).

I would like to know one more thing…

How can I display a list of options while typing text in an edit? Is that possible?

Thank you so far.


Or a TextField with a TextChangeEvent listener, and then present some options dynamically yourself: