Hello guys

Rating issueRating = Rating.valueOf(cell15.getStringCellValue().trim());

            Rating rating;

            if ("Moderate".equalsIgnoreCase(String.valueOf(issueRating))) {
                rating = Rating.MODERATE;
            } else if ("Low".equalsIgnoreCase(String.valueOf(issueRating))) {
                rating = Rating.LOW;
            } else if ("High".equalsIgnoreCase(String.valueOf(issueRating))) {
                rating = Rating.HIGH;
            } else {
                // Handle the case when the cell value does not match any enumeration value
                rating = Rating.DEFAULT_VALUE; // Set a default value or handle the error as needed

Error processing the Excel file: Text ‘Moderate’ could not be parsed at index 0

I am getting this error whenever I try to upload an excel document to an enum data type filed in vaadin spring project kindly assist