Height of Components

Hello Guys,

I made a break for a half year working with vaadin.

Back to work I started a new project and I recognized the components where bigger than before?
Is this right?

how can i get them small again?


You are using the new default theme (Valo). You might use the old default theme (Reindeer)!

Please, don’t go back to using Reindeer anymore. That theme is not going to be the way forward for Vaadin, so I strongly suggest you start using Valo.

To scale the components smaller, you can use the Sass variables Valo offers. Example mytheme.scss:

$v-font-size: 14px;
$v-unit-size: 28px;

@import "../valo/valo";

.mytheme {
  @include valo;

To learn more about Valo, see the dedicated
Valo promo page
, and ask more info if necessary.