Heap usage problem

we have mobile app on V24.1.1/JDK17/Spring boot and trouble with heap memory. App run out of memory after a while and we don’t see any connection with our code (see image from GCViewer - black is full GC). MAT analize of Heap dump is showing us, that the major usage is in Vaadin classes. Any idea what should be next step to figure out what is the problem? Thank you.

Since the top-most item is PendingJavascriptInvocation, there are several related issues, some of which have been fixed recently: https://github.com/vaadin/flow/issues?q=pendingjavascriptinvocation

24.1.1 does not have the fix - you are over 10 Bugfix releases behind.

Thank you about version. I will update to latest and check again tomorrow.

Hi @observant-donkey , I can not resolve directly, just pointing something about @Push . I don’t know your build, but I can guess (since it’s also mobile) so it’s a chat or pricing ticker(stocks etc).

@push works out of box if you need to update client with an async request, or long service etc.

I have built a crypto rate ticker and at the end I just used websockets (my case was pusher.com) but can be any.

After the upgrade on 24.1.10 - everything changed. Now the app also uses a max of 150 MB and that is excellent! So it was something with Vaadin. Thank you for your help.