HeaderClickEvent fire two times in one click

I found some strange behavior of Table HeaderClickEvent. This event are fired twice when i click once on header.
table.addListener(new HeaderClickListener()
public void headerClick(HeaderClickEvent event)
Object pid = event.getPropertyId();


Is anybody have the same issues or I misunderstand anything about table header event handler ?

Looks to be a bug. I created a ticket about it:



It seems that double click doesn’t work with HeaderClickEvent. Double clicking always generates two normal clicks and not double click.

create a ticket
about this.

Has it been added? I am not finding the ticket and I am facing the same issue with the double click on the table header.

Another problem I am finding is that the right click on a table header doesn’t prevent the default popup from the browser.

Do I have to create a ticket for this?

At least I don’t see such tickets in
this query
, so please
create tickets
about these.


It is a blocking issue for me and I hope it will be fixed soon. I could extend Table and VTable and fix the issues in my custom widget set but I would prefer to use the standard Table component :slight_smile:

I confirm that the 6.7.5 solved the issues (as indicated in the ticket)!

Thanks you very much for the fast support and fix.