Having trouble to migrate from 7.5.10 to 7.6.4

Hello guys,
I’m having trouble to migrate from 7.5.10 to 7.6.4. My current vaadin-maven-plugin version is 7.4.6 where it was 7.5.3 previously.

Heres what I’m getting in glassfish while building everytime:

Tracing compile failure path for type 'com.vaadin.client.connectors.RpcDataSourceConnector' [ERROR] Errors in 'jar:file:/C:/Users/ArditesL8/.m2/repository/com/vaadin/vaadin-client/7.6.4/vaadin-client-7.6.4.jar!/com/vaadin/client/connectors/RpcDataSourceConnector.java' [ERROR] Line 45: com.vaadin.server.communication.data cannot be resolved to a type [ERROR] Line 45: Class<RpcDataProviderExtension> cannot be resolved to a type [ERROR] Hint: Check the inheritance chain from your module; it may not be inheriting a required module or a module may not be adding its source path entries properly And at last:

Failed to execute goal com.vaadin:vaadin-maven-plugin:7.6.3:compile (default) on project GB
For more information about the errors and possible solutions, please read the following articles:
[Help 1]

Anyone to help??
Thanks in advance :)…

Looks like you somehow have old version of vaadin-server in your dependencies.