Having trouble maintaining propertyId for date filters

I’m having issues with null propertyId’s in my FilterDecorator class, that seem to be caused by this code:

private AbstractField createDateField(Object propertyId) {
DateFilterPopup dateFilterPopup = new DateFilterPopup(decorator,
dates.put(dateFilterPopup, propertyId);
return dateFilterPopup;

Should the property Id be passed as null when creating the new DateFilterPopup? Is it possible I have an old version of the code? I tried passing the propertyId and recompiling but it seems to cause further issues with Date Filters.

Thanks for any help you can offer.

Jay Revis

What’s an DateFilterPopup? Can’t find a class like that in core Vaadin.


this issue seems to be related to the FilteringTable add-on.

I can confirm your issue, and that null really should not be there. I replaced it with the propertyId argument and that seems to fix the issue you’re describing. Could you elaborate on the “further issues” you run into when doing this change? With a quick look I could not see any issues, of course I have just one Date filter in the demo app.

I’ll post a fix soon, preferable after you’ve commented on these other issues.


Hi, thanks for answering. Yes it was related to the FilteringTable add on. I’m sorry, I thought this message board was specifically for that add on. I should have made that clear. I’m having issues with multiple date fields. I have one that is a date of birth field, so I have formatted it’s resolution to day. I also have another field that is a time field. When setting/clearing those filters I still get issues. It appears that clearing one filter causes errors in the other, Also, I’m having issues with setting the date format in the from and to fields in the filter. The propertyID is still null in that object, causing it to always use the default.