Having issues with FilterTble and lazyQuerycontainer

hi ,

We are currently using Filtering table addon to display the records in a table. This provides filter for each column. Addon link is https://vaadin.com/directory#!addon/filteringtable.We have a performance issue when there is huge number of records in the database. It is taking minutes to load the records from database and render in the Filtering table. To solve this performance issue, our approach is to fetch only a subset of records from database and show in the table on screen. When the user tries to scroll the table or filter from the table, it fetches the subsequent set of records from database and shows in the table.

To achieve this, we have found few options like LazyContainer, LazyQueryContainer addons.

We used LazyContainer ( https://github.com/ondrej-kvasnovsky/lazy-container ) and were able to load the records lazily when the user scrolls the table. The generated columns in the table are not visible for some rows, and are visible for some rows. It is inconsistent in showing generated columns.

We used LazyQueryContainer ( https://vaadin.com/wiki/-/wiki/Main/Lazy%20Query%20Container ). The code is lengthy to integrate with our existing application code, and after integrating also, we are facing issues like filtering issues, adding properties to container explicitly instead of adding Bean directly.
Is there any alternatives in Vaadin, to load the data lazily in filtering table?