Happy New Year !!!

Guys, Im going to go offline for New Year vacation and bee offline most of the time. So I want to thank everybody for the ever greatest and warmest community I’ve ever seen !

I wish that everybody’s dreams will come true and materialize next year, and in common, 2010 will be greater, cooler, higher, etc etc etc :slight_smile:

Happy New Year and see you next one ! =)


Happy New Year to everyone also!
I’m still learning about vaadin and haven’t build any component yet, but I hope next year I’ll know more about vaadin and be able to help you guys more!

Thank you for your warm words Dimitri! And happy new year to the whole community from my behalf as well. See you next year!



Thanks Dmitri and a happy New Year! Have a nice vacation, you certainly earned it.

We’ll keep Vaadin community up and running in 2010 also. And I’m sure it will be even cooler and greater year :slight_smile:

See you!