Handling URI parrameters

I’d like to handle URI parameters with my UI, but I don’t know where. I use
annotation so it can’t be done in
The scenario is, that I would handle:

  1. parameters in URI on application start or changed by user
  2. paramaters set with
    in new or existing window

I tried to add request handler to vaadin session, but:

  1. it is not called during UI initialization
  2. it is called twice (not such a problem) when openning the window with
    , but the URI parameters are missing (request parameters are empty)

Thanks in advance for reply

Hi Agata,

From Vaadin 7.2 on there’s overridable
UIs that’s called when the UI is reloaded :slight_smile: Its default implementation is empty.

In combobox i need to sort the items …
can any one help me…

It would be great, but we use 7.1.12 and I can’t change the version :frowning:

I don’t know what I did wrong/different before, but now I can see the parameter from URI in request handler. And I also know why the handler is executed twice: it is executed once for each instance of UI. The only problem is that the parameter is present for the UI it is desired (from the
as well as for original UI, the opener is called from. I will probably get parameter from page location, not from request. It should solve the issue, although I don’t think it is a good solution.