Handling Images in Flow - Resizing, Thumbnails etc.

I am trying to use the upload feature which already works fine. I want to upload images and then be able to save them in the database. Therefore I am converting the inputStream to BASE64. Now I an thinking about thumbnails (resizing to max X height or width)… Are there methods and ways to do this? I would be happy for some tip :slightly_smiling_face: Regards


first of all thanks knoobie! hmm it sound like i either use AWT which is older than … or use external libraries… and in this case i really think an external lib is the better aproach

ah maybe this could help too


javax.io class

awt (the UI framework) is oldish but the BufferedImage API is the de facto default API to mangle with any pictures and is probably even used by all external libraries :sweat_smile:

ok :slightly_smiling_face: never used it thanks :wink: