Handling Enter Key on a TextField in a PopupView

I have a form that displays a text field of a PopupView. The text field is style to look like an input box. When the user clicks on the text field, then the PopupView opens a Popup with a numeric keypad and a text field. The user can click the buttons to enter digits into the text field of the popup keypad. This is similar to how a mobile touch device has a numeric keypad for doing data entry. I have attached a screenshot to give you an idea. Also, the user can put the focus in the text field and enter the numbers via the physical keyboard on the computer (instead of clicking on the buttons).

My issue is that I want the physical enter key on the keyboard to trigger the same action as the “Enter” button on the keypad. I have tried setting up an action handler using the Handler interface. I followed the example in:

However pressing the physical enter key in the popup keypad text field box does not trigger the handleAction(…) method. It is triggered when I press enter in some other text fields in the window, just not on the popup keypad ones.

Can you tell me what I have to do to get the enter key to work in a Vaadin PopupView?