Handling communication errors on client side


I need some tips how to handle communication errors in case customer has a instable/bad internet connection.
Currently, in our Vaadin application, first unanswered UIDL request provides to “communication error” on the client side.
It meens customer must reload last page and all unsaved forms are lost.

Is there a possibility to cache some data or to ignore unanswered UIDL requests for paar seconds?
Or may be we should configure our ui components so that clients sends UIDL request only by clicking on submit button?

  • textField.setImmediate(false), comboBox.setImmediate(false), etc.?

I know about vaadin touch offline mode, but it is a enterprise feature that we don’t realy need.


please updgrade to Vaadin 7.6.1. It includes a redesigned communications handling with reconnection support which you can configure yourself. This should handle most situations fine. More info at


Very nice, thank you!